Civil Engineering Sydney

Based in Castle Hill of the Hills District

Peter Blacker & Associates is a Sydney-based civil engineering firm with 35+ years of experience. We have been providing civil engineering design and certification services since 1977 and have expertise on a significant range of residential, strata and commercial design projects. We are here to help with all manner of civil engineering projects across Sydney.

We are fully insured for civil engineering, hold all relevant licences, and are registered with the Institution of Engineers Australia. Please view our About page to review the experience of our principal engineer who has worked extensively across Sydney and New South Wales on an immense range of projects.

We can help you design your project safely and to meet council regulations.

Areas of Expertise:


  • Car parks
  • Dams for rural properties
  • Access roads for properties
  • Pavement design
  • Building next to structures (geo-tech, footings, piling, etc)
  • Recreational park, ramp, skateboard design.
  • To view our hydraulic engineering services, click here (eg: Onsite stormwater detention (OSD) systems, stormwater designs, etc)
  • To view our structural engineering services, click here (eg: structural, slab, footing, steel design, etc)