FINE GEO5 Geotechnical Software


We are proud to be a distributor for the FINE range or engineering software which covers many areas of civil and geotechnical engineering design.

We can also supply programs from the FINE range of structural engineering programs.

FINE is a specialist firm of civil / structural programmers in Prague, Czech Republic.

This powerful and detailed yet simple to use suite of engineering programs includes:

Geotechnical Analysis

The GE05 suite of programs is designed to solve various geotechnical problems. The easy to model suite consists of individual stand alone programs which are also fully integrated with a very user-friendly graphical interface.

Each program is used to analyse a different geotechnical task but the modules will communicate with each other to form the integrated suite of programs. The programs can be purchased individually for a specialist task and easily added to with other programs as a project expands.

Some geotechnical design programs available include:

  • foundation design
  • sheet piling design
  • retaining wall design (cantilever, masonry, gabion, etc)
  • slope stability analysis
  • And for others see the web site for a complete list with detailed descriptions.

Of great benefit is that soil parameters or characteristics can be stored and exported to others in your office or in other offices.

FIN10 Software Suite

FIN10 is a suite of programs for static and dynamic analysis and design of 2D and 3D beam structures. And the programs are simple to use!

All components of the suite communicate with each other however they can be used independently. Some structural design programs available include:

  • Structural analysis;
  • Design and checking of steel structures;
  • Calculation of cross-sectional characteristics;
  • Roof truss Design

TRUSS4 is a comprehensive software solution for producers of timber truss roof structures using proprietary punched metal connection plate fasteners. It serves customers in all project phases, from initial design of the structure with price calculations to manufacturing documentation and data files for manufacturing equipment.

For more information on GEO5, FIN10 and the TRUSS4 software suite and to see a list of the specific programs available within each suite simply follow the links provided.

The FINE Software website also provides a range of support and services.

If you are interested in obtaining demonstration copies of this software or ordering a program you can contact me at

FINE web site:

Please review the FINE suites of programs on the website and download a demo version to fully explore the benefits.